Let Us Dream on sale 1 December

Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future by Pope Francis will be out on December 1 in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French and many other languages afterwards.

It is the result of exchanges between myself and the Pope in the weeks following the coronavirus lockdown, but to describe it as an ‘interview’ doesn’t quite capture the nature of the book. There is no Q&A: the Pope addresses the reader directly. And while he ranges widely over a fascinating range of topics, the focus of Let Us Dream is very clear: how the world has the chance to come out better from the Covid crisis.

Another remarkable feature of the book is that the translations were made not from one but two base texts: one in English, the other in Spanish.

I’ll be saying more about the book and its contents in the coming weeks, as well as about the process of writing it.

Meantime, there is an announcement of the book at Bookseller. And I mention the book in a recent article at Commonweal.